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I find an intense, uncluttered magic in a photo. If a dream could be bottled, made to live forever in a glass jar, and loved over and over again for endless time, this would be it.

I’m Dayna, a Florida-based photographer, a tireless chaser of imagery and light. Before we go any further, the last name is pronounced “Young”, don’t let that sneaky J fool you. It’s Austrian. Art and imagery are what I’m made of. Well, that and water.

Enough about me, let’s talk about you.

Everyone has a story. Your life is a series of decadent moments. Telling stories with photos is a flight like no other. I “see” the world differently. What I mean to say is, I look at a child blowing out candles or a siblings tossing a ball outside, a stolen glance between lovers and friends, and an alternate scene falls over my eyes. The colors are different, there is a drama, an ethereal quality. Things move in slow motion. Everything glows. Through my camera, I tell your story, and it will glow.

I love the alchemy of it all, that you can cast a spell with the flick of a shutter and capture a fleeting moment in time, pluck it from the air and keep it with you forever.

It would be my honor to meet with you and capture the beauty of your moments, the pieces of time that make up your life, your love and your family.

I’m based in West Palm Beach, Florida, and I’m available for travel any place accessible by train, plane or automobile (and sometimes boat or hang glider).

Get in touch with me at jung.dayna@gmail.com or visit my photography website at www.daynajung.com